LondonFoodMonth  intends to draw everybody’s attention to the up and coming festival that will be held from the 01- 30 June 2017. Different topics related to food and in particular, the issue of food wastage will be examinedThe festival will bring together different markets to collaborate in finding new solutions to help create the right food waste strategies that will reduce food waste.

I spoke with the Manager of a restaurant in Central London, and it turned out that the only obstacle of preventing collaboration with charity organisations, is just the apathy!

The Manager in charge of the overall wastage of the business said “ The law does not prevent us in doing so. We just have not chosen to give food away to charity. There shouldn’t be too much wastage anyway!  With the exception of food that is not fresh enough and is too dry to eat, we should be giving our waste to charity.

Photo by Laura Giordano

Basically, the wastage is around 2000 pounds in money, which I believe is a big amount that can help a lot of people.

The Manager of the catering company affirms  “We want to minimize waste. We have a financial target to meet and a budget to keep to.”

On the one hand, I am aware that nowadays many catering companies monitor carefully the wastage and try to minimize it; but on the other hand, it should be possible to improve the organisation and consequentially minimise the wastage that shouldn’t be but that still happens.

I know that, there are different transport and storage food regulations relating to the hospitality and restaurant industry in which the food is already warmed up and prepared  which contributes to dry food waste.  This makes it expensive for a restaurateur to give away the food.  As a result, for a restaurant it is more convenient to throw food into the bin than to give it away to charities.

We need to reformulate legislation in order to protect the restaurants and increase the amount of food given away to charity too.

I also found in my research that there are charities such as “ Faresharethat cannot accept warmed or prepared food.  It is a requirement that food needs to be chilled and left out no more than 4 hours.  

So, if I am not wrong, all that we need is the right equipment for transportation and more organisation.  The most important thing is the interest in wanting to do it. This is just one of the millions of examples that we can extrapolate from our global environmental needs. There is a lot of apathy and lack of interest in helping the needy. Of course it will cost money and further organisation, but think how much of good and still edible food is being thrown away because it is considered too dry.

Do you think that people that are starving in the streets would mind eating a sandwich that is little bit dry? A nice slice of lasagne destined to end in junk but still edible, would it not be appreciated by the homeless?

I would like to think that there is something that could be done by everyone, not just as members of the business community that we belong to.  It should not be just professional figures that have to follow certain rules and preserve the social duty of the business.

I am  talking about everyone, as members of the society, as human beings, as persons that actually have the chance to improve and lend a hand to the people less fortunate than us. Let us exploit what can be done to help each other. Every human being has to feel the need to help others because this enriches them in return.






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Stop the apathy & make it easier for restaurants & catering that want to reduce waste 
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