This summer in Bermingham the RWM think they have a solution to bio energy and stop food wastage with just your coffee waste.


RWM (Recycling Wastage Management) in partnership with CIWM ( Chartered Institution of wastes Management) is an exhibition that will be held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham from the 12 to 14 September 2017.

The exhibition connects numerous innovators and aims to resolve problems surrounding our environment and the resources of our planet.  The initiative will bring makers, buyers and new ideas together to share and analyse  new ideas and solutions.

Today the concept of sustainability is an issue which is adequately spread worldwide. It encourages many industries to save our environment by being active contributors to numerous initiatives for sustainability.

RWM is one of the many examples of informative exhibitions informing on this  issue. RWM wants to collaborate with One Planet Living on the initiative that will focus on creating a better sustainable life.

One new initiative being considered on recycling is based  on saving coffee grounds from going into food waste.

“ It is now one year since our company has been separating and collecting coffee  grounds and recycling them. We collaborate with Bio Bean company.

The coffee is grounded by following the recycling process which turns it into bio-fuel energy, and then it is made into oil and energy.

I would also say that this procedure is cheaper than sending food waste away.”

Photo by Jessen Govindenn

“Thanks to many events that promote and encourage a sustainable consumption of energy , we have been able to effectively  collaborate with Olio, in the local sharing revolution.

 All companies should collect as much information as they can and update their waste management strategies.  They should consider being a part of an initiative like this, and contribute on it

That is one of the reasons I would encourage buyers and catering companies to participate actively, at the RWM in the up and coming exhibition in Birmingham”

Jessen Govinden, a barman of a Coffee Bar and Restaurant’  in Croydon, in South London, that produces tons of food and large quantity of coffee grounds every day, said “All companies should collect as much  information as they can and update their waste management strategy.”

According to Bio-Bean the entire UK drinks 17 million cups of coffee per day and produces half a million tons of waste per year.  Companies in the coffee industry compress 50.000 tons of coffee grounds waste per year, which translates as one in 10 coffees that go into waste landfill sites in the UK, contributing to producing dangerous bio chemicals and bio fuels. This demonstrates just one of the many examples of what could be done to effectively recycle waste by transforming coffee grounds into positive planet enhancing waste.

Hotels and restaurants, will find many ideas in the exhibition that will  explain how they can help save our environment and thus join the global initiative to  promote a sustainable environment, by implementing an effective waste and recycling management strategy of coffee grounds.

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Your #energy source could be literally full of #beans! #Coffee #beans of course. Wake up to #BioEnergy! #Birmingham https://foodtureblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/09/rwm-up-and-coming-exhibition-at-birmingham-on-12-14-september

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