Bamboo_worms_on_plate_cropped_jpegAnyone for seconds?

The National Geographic posted an article on a study of ancient cannibalism and Paleolithic animals as alternative food sources. The study compared human flesh to Horse meat, Hare, Birds, Boar, Deer, Woolly rhinoceros, Mammoth; and surprisingly the findings were that People are not so nutritious. Humans have a low percentage of muscle and of little caloric value.

The study found that ‘the nutritional value of human flesh compared with other Paleolithic prey animals, was not especially packed with calories considering human size.’ The findings are shocking since we humans consume from a mixed food source  more than other creatures on earth and ought to be pound for pound more nutritious! So we are not a walking lunch waiting to be plucked.  This is probably a good finding since Legal and Moral considerations would be too foreboding when faced with deciding to eat your grandmother.

What is the Hallmark of sustainable agriculture?  Crops and food sources that are easy to propagate and rear, which have a tolerance for diverse growing conditions. The sources need to have multiple uses of its products, and needs to be beneficial nutritionally.

Other food sources already consumed in other countries are insects. Insects contain protein, iron and sometimes calcium, and are easy to incubate. They can be readily purchased at bait and pet shops in the UK. Insects can also be fed to chickens, increasing egg and meat yields.

I have researched popular Insect sources and list the below for your delectation; please feel free to try some of the suggestions.

Insects Suitable as food:-
1. Crickets

2. Silkworms

3. Grasshoppers

 insects GIF

4. Locusts

5. Caterpillars

6. Beetles

 animals ball dung dung beetle GIF

Insects cooked with aromatics and chillies, are reported to be very delicious.  Once the adventurous eater has tasted one, the rest comes naturally.  We should not be too queasy in considering this very reasonable source of food and must try to remember that we would be doing our bit for the environment.

On 26 April, 2017, the BBC online news, covered a story of a Chinese citizen, Matilda Ho, who has lead an entrepreneurial effort to retail insects online to Chinese citizens.  Her, concept was to create an online farmers’ market to sell specifically insect protein.  It is reported in the article that , “China has a rapidly rising middle class and a culture where it is polite to over-order food for guests in restaurants.”  Clearly, food wastage was a major environmental problem she was trying to resolve in considering her business model.

The online site now supplies 240 types of products which it sources from 57 sources, it is reported.  The site is reported to have gained 40, 000 subscribers since it was launched 18 months ago.

Ms Ho, is reported to have said, “I wanted to use technology to shorten the gap between growers and consumers,” “It is  right to know where your food comes from and it empowers consumers.”

The business has addressed some environmental concerns in transporting commodities to its destination.  The food ordered on the site is delivered to customers by electric vehicles and in biodegradable boxes in order to keep a low carbon footprint.


News Source:-

A video link below provides more information on the taste of the grubs.


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