Hoda Kotb adopted baby–       Picture of Hoda Kotb, Good Morning TV Presenter, with her newly adopted baby.

Adopting and Fostering is the new ‘little black dress.’

There is a food crisis because there are far too many people on the planet.  Overpopulation leads to over consumption, contributing to over production, using unnatural agricultural production treatment methods for overworked soil, damaging our planet and poisoning our food. This is completely unsustainable.  We have only come to realise the error of our ways because of freak weather patterns and raging hurricanes that destroy every neighbourhood in its path. Desertification of once green pastures.  Famines due to poor weather patterns.  The cost to human life is too high and the quality of human life has become poor.

So how can we control world population in line with adequate food production?

I was shocked after reading an article by Patrick Butler, Social Policy Editor of the Guardian online, on 27 April 2017, on Benefit cuts for families with three children.  It reported that the government will in future only provide financial benefits for families with up to two children only.

At first, like most people the immediate response was to rant about our uncaring ‘Capitalist,’ government.  But in the aftermath, while lolling about in the ‘Socialist’ endorphins my brain had released; I had a clear lucid moment, which then brought on a proper rationalised reaction.  Weeks later, I read an Evening Standard interview of Naomi Campbell in which she said she might want to have babies at 40 odd years old.  Pushed on whether she should adopt, she was dithering in response.

A picture of all those un-adopted children in the world conceived in moments of unplanned, or carefully planned cavalier moments came to mind.  You see, I’m of the opinion that no matter how much money, or success you have, there is absolutely no reason to have more than 1.5 children.  If you are still broody after pushing one out, get a Pet; they need love too and can reciprocate love.  For singletons, Adopt, Foster. Please.

Local Authority Children Services units, have children waiting adoption or fostering.  These children are growing up in a world without the most important of basic needs; a family of their own.   So why have we, logical human beings, who are designed far superior than lesser creatures, not yet, organised our societies to reflect the need for careful child rearing.  What is wrong with adoptions?  A genetic ‘mini me’ is not the only way to have children of our own.

On every philosophical level, adoptions are the intelligent way to go.  Morally, it’s wrong for single people just popping out babies to indulge their ‘right’ to have a child. Taking on religious considerations, the Bible teaches that adopted children are seen by God as patched-in, into the genes, of their adoptive parents and become one with them in his eyes.  It is central to Christianity, that non-Jews are accepted by God, through the Jewish Jesus.

As we sit in our expensive fast cars, bottlenecked, in traffic jams, on roads too narrow to support the volume of affordable cars, bought on credit; while giving asthmatic medication to our toddlers as they chock on car fumes on the way to school, consider, should you Adopt or foster?





Stop having children, start thinking about #fostering or #adopting. We are far too many and there´s a #food #crisis https://foodtureblog.wordpress.com/2017/05/11/over-population-why-unmarried-singletons-should-stop-having-babies


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