Inspired by the return of Walk for Waste I looked at different reasons why we can get involved!


The 12km long walk will be tracked by the participants of the Walk for Waste that aims to reach the highest peak in England.  The initiative will take place at  Scafell Pike enjoying also the view of the Lake District in order to help the fundraiser to increase the funds.  The event Walk for waste will also provide the right equipment and professional guide needed for the pathway.  Today, the wastage and the recycle are important topics and globally debated subjects.

As wasteAid Uk reported, according to the United Nations, by investing just £1  in waste management, it would be worth 10 times more for enhancements  in people health, economy and environment.  It is important to sensitize people to minimize  the waste by gathering more knowledge and skills.


1 – Benefit for our environment:

Glady : CCO Domain

Overall volume of production needs to be reduced in order to prevent waste.  It is better to use less amounts of fertilizers, pesticides and other petroleum products because excessive use causes pollution, and that means a presence of chemicals in foodstuffs which lead to poisoning of workers in the industry.

We could make the progressive landslide not happen, and  prevent  the pollution of         our natural environments such as, lakes, rivers, seas and aquifers and in that way we could keep away the presence of chemical in foods.

In other words, keeping our environment safe will save our lives.

2- Preventing bad health effects caused by waste:

Skeeze, CCO Domain

An excessive waste has a high environmental impact, because landfills pollute the groundwater and waste-to-energy produces fine dust whose effect on health, although not judged harmful, is difficult to consider as positive.  What is more, the dumping and burning of waste, contributes to childhood diseases.

So, we would both save ours and our children’s health.

3 -Increasing disposable income:

mark Newsome
Mark Newsome,    CCO Domain

Wasting food is equivalent to wasting money that could be used to meet other needs, with damaging effects on the economy in general.  We should keep in mind that as individuals we are responsible for the global damage and sometimes we are guilty of forgetting that fact.  For example,  we often overbuy products at the supermarkets and  as a consequence, we end up throwing away a lot of food.

So, the more you save what’s in your “pocket” the more you save the economy.

4 – Better lifestyle:

Rebloggy, CCO Domain

A better life style  can lead  us to eat more healthy foods such as: bio- foods and natural products grown on land not treated by fertilizers and insecticides. The truth is that good behaviour and a healthy lifestyle can make your body and your soul feel good.

Basically, the better we eat the better we live.

5 -Widespread waste reduction can reduce anger in the world:

Common occurence Picture by DisneyPixar.gif
Picture by Disney/Pixar CCO Domain

By helping each other, it makes us feel better and our moods improve because we feel deeply happy that we have done good, and that helps to spread our good vibrations to the people that surround us.

To conclude, the more we help others the happier we are.

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#Walkforthewaste event is back in 2017. The goal? Scafell Pike, the highest peak in England, + tackling #waste #UK


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